The San Bernardino Superior Court now offers Remote Video Proceedings (RVP) for traffic and non-traffic infraction arraignments and misdemeanor probation modification hearings. This service is provided as a convenience for parties who were issued a traffic or non-traffic infraction violations or who wish to modify their existing misdemeanor probation terms by appearing in the Needles or Big Bear Districts.

Parties who wish to appear for arraignment on an infraction citation or for modification of their misdemeanor probation in the Needles or Big Bear Districts will have the option to appear at the following remote locations:

Needles District

1111 Bailey Ave. Needles, CA 92363

Big Bear District

477 Summit Ave., Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
First Wednesday of each month

To appear at either location please follow these steps

  1. To appear in the Needles District: Contact the clerk’s office at the Barstow District by phone or in person to reserve a court date. Barstow District contact information.
    To appear in the Big Bear District: Contact the clerk’s office at the Joshua Tree District by phone or in person to reserve a court date. Joshua Tree District contact information.
  2. Tell the clerk that you would like to appear in either the Needles or Big Bear Districts and select an available date to have the hearing scheduled.
  3. Appear for your hearing in the location where you scheduled your court date by 9:30 AM.

Interpreter Services

Interpreters may be provided to parties requiring interpreter services when appearing in the Needles or Big Bear Districts. To request an interpreter, parties must inform the clerk that they will need an interpreter at the time they schedule their hearing.

How RVP Works

The Needles and Big Bear Districts will hold RVP for infraction arraignments and misdemeanor modifications according to the schedule above. The courtroom in both remote districts will be equipped with a camera, a large television monitor and microphones. Parties will be connected by videoconference to a courtroom in the Barstow or Joshua Tree Districts with the same equipment. Parties appearing in both remote locations, and the judicial officer in Barstow or Joshua Tree, will be able to see, hear, and speak to each other through this video connection.

On RVP days, the court will have an employee at the remote districts conduct roll call as well as collect documents from the parties. The hearings will proceed like a traditional hearing, but they will be held using the videoconference connection. If parties have documents to submit, the court employee will scan the documents to the case file so they will be available to the judicial officer in the Barstow or Joshua Tree Districts for viewing.

Notice: At this time, the San Bernardino Superior Court’s RVP program does not allow for a traffic arraignment and a traffic court trial to be held on the same day. RVP hearings in the Needles and Big Bear Districts are for traffic arraignments only, pursuant to California Rule of Court 4.220 (e) (2). If an infraction court trial is requested, it will be scheduled in the Court District that has jurisdiction over the citation on a future date.

Links to More Information and Forms

Click the links below to access RVP forms, including form TR-500-INFO, which is an informational form describing RVP processes in more detail.
  • Instructions to Defendant for Remote Video Proceeding (Form TR-500-INFO)
  • Notice and Waiver of Rights and Request for Remote Video Proceeding (Form TR-510)
    • This form will is required to appear by RVP. This form will be available to you to complete, sign, and return when you appear at the remote district for your hearing. If you wish, you may complete and submit it to either the Barstow (for Needles hearings) or Joshua Tree (for Big Bear hearings) Districts.

Click here to see California Rule of Court (CRC) 4.220 regarding RVP.

Remote Video Proceedings Frequently Asked Questions

Location, Days and Hours of Operation of the Remote Location

Remote District: Needles Big Bear
Address: 1111 Bailey Ave, Needles, CA 92363 477 Summit Blvd, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
Days of Operation: Monday – Friday 1st Wednesday of Each Month
Clerk’s Office Hours: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM
RVP Hearing Time: 10:00 AM 10:00 AM

What services will be provided in the remote location?

The clerk’s office will provide the following streamlined services:

  • Provide information regarding case(s)
  • Provide infraction-related forms, such as Trial by Declaration forms, installment agreements, traffic school information, and traffic appeal forms
  • Provide one-time 60-day extension from initial citation due date
  • Accept non-cash payments
  • Calendar future hearings on infraction cases
  • Sell forms packets
  • Provide program and community service directories
  • Self-Help services may be available; contact the Barstow or Joshua Tree Districts to confirm the schedule of Self-Help services in the remote locations

What type of monetary transactions will be processed at the remote location?

The Needles and Big Bear Districts will accept Credit and Debit Cards, Checks, Money Orders, Cashier Checks. No Cash will be accepted. Money orders may be obtained in Needles at the United States Post Office located at 628 Third Street, Needles California and in Big Bear at 472 Pine Knot Blvd. Envelopes will be provided for mailed payments.

Pay In Person: Pay In Person: Pay By Mail:
Needles District
1111 Bailey Ave
Needles, CA 92363
On RVP days only
Big Bear District
477 Summit Ave
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
On RVP days only
Superior Court
Box 15005
San Bernardino, CA 92415
Attn: Traffic Division

How will minute orders be provided to the defendant at the hearing?

The minute orders will be printed and provided to the defendants by a court employee at the remote location.

Are the defendants required to appear in the remote location?

No, appearing in the remote locations is an option. Parties may elect to appear at the Needles or Big Bear Districts for their traffic arraignment or misdemeanor modification. Defendant can also appear at the Court District that holds jurisdiction of their case. Cases can also be resolved by mail, using the court Website, or calling the Court.