Subject Matter of Order Effective Date
Appeal/Appellate Cases, Where Filed and Heard 1/1/2024
Bench Warrants, Issuance and Signing 1/1/2024
Child Support Cases, Where Filed and Heard 1/1/2024
Civil Cases, Where Filed and Heard 6/20/2024
Court Access 1/1/2024
Criminal Cases, Where Filed and Heard 1/1/2024
Delegation of Authority 1/1/2024
Designation Of Judges Per Penal Code § 18145(b) 1/1/2024
Dismissal or Closure of Infraction or Misdemeanor Case Due to Death of Defendant 1/1/2024
Dismissing Assessments Ordered Under VC40508(b) and PC1214.1 When Paid thru Revenue Recovery 1/1/2024
Family Law Cases, Where Filed and Heard 1/1/2024
Filing Location of Penal Code §1172.6 Petitions 1/1/2024
Fine or Bail Amount Reminder Notice, Incorrect Amount 1/1/2024
Court Reporter Availability Policy for Civil and Probate Cases 1/1/2024
Government Code Section §68634(d) 1/1/2024
Juvenile Cases, Where Filed and Heard 1/1/2024
Jury Service, Needles, Big Bear & Trona Area Residents Excused 1/1/2024
Limited Civil and Infraction Appeals, Preparation of Oral Record 1/1/2024
Noncertified and Nonregistered Interpreters in Court Proceedings, Appointment of 1/1/2024
Own Recognizance (OR) Release by Sheriff 1/1/2024
Photography, Filming, Recording & Broadcasting 1/1/2024
Shorten Time to Hear Demurrers in Unlawful Detainer Cases, Showing Good Cause to 1/1/2024
Status Conference Hearings, Authority for Clerk's Office to Process 1/1/2024
Uniform Parentage Files and Records, Granting Access to 1/1/2024
Unsigned Owner's Responsibility Citations 1/1/2024
Use of Pseudonyms 1/1/2024
Video Appearance, Self-Represented Misdemeanor Defendants 1/1/2024
Waiving Limitations for Temporary Judges in Family Law, Probate, UD, Small Claims and Traffic Cases 4/19/2024